Stephen Ring

 Stephen Ring started his artistic career painting detailed pictures of birds, sold from the iron railings at Hyde Park in London. From there he established two successful art shops before moving to the beautiful county of Devon where his natural artistic talent was ignited.

With his artistic background and passion for being outdoors Stephen has combined determination and hard work to create a unique style. His tireless enthusiasm and desire compels him to combine visual harmony with attraction to re-create the striking, dramatic landscape and the continuously changing coastline.

Stephen's work has enhanced the living and working environments of many establishments and his craft has been used in corporate settings including BAA to P&O, as well as businesses of all sizes, galleries, interior designs and individual sales.

"These contemporary pieces evoke not only peace and tranquillity but are also dynamic and dramatic, capturing the light, reflections and abstract shapes of the coastline. I have predominantly used the colour blue as the spirit of this colour has beneficial effects to the mind and body and creates a calming and positive atmosphere. All pieces are painted on birch wood panels and then primed with two coats of gesso. I use acrylic inks, alcohol inks, resin paste and powder, along with silver and gold dust. By blending the colours using a variety of techniques I achieve a painting with no hard lines that gives the appearance of motion, and which changes in effect and appearance in different  lights. Once the paintings are dry I make the frames and paint them to create a modern, contemporary product. I hope you enjoy these paintings, as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Sometimes my emotion with the ocean has no limits."

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