Lynette Wrigley

Lynette Wrigley has been working as a designer/maker of architectural and decorative glass for 30 years.

Based in London and with strong family connections to Weymouth, Lynette has an extensive portfolio of commissions for private and public buildings and has authored five tutorial books on glass and two relating to art and design more generally.

An experienced teacher, Lynette holds workshops for adults in contemporary and traditional techniques and facilitates other artists in realizing their ideas in glass. Lynette is also an artist in oil and works in all forms of glass-work, from stained glass windows to free-standing panels and fused glass art-works.

Artist statement:

“I am inspired by the unique quality of glass itself and its beguiling ability to radiate symphonies of coloured lights and texture within an interior. When colour is used within a fixed window or as a freestanding artwork, the transparent nature of glass will present unexpected and ever-changing layers of movement, shapes and shadows, depending on the position of the sun and the time of day.”

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