Clarke Reynolds


Clarke Reynolds is a Portsmouth-based artist who is registered as severely sighted, and who is also a visual artist focussing on the of Braille as an artistic media.

Artist Statement:

"I was born with limited sight in my right eye but that never stopped me doing what I love, which is being creative. Unfortunately due to kidney problems I had to leave school early, however I fought back and studied art at a higher level gaining a BA honour's degree in model making.

My art has changed a lot as my sight decreases, but one thing has always stayed the same – the use of dots in my work as I've always been a fan of pointillism. I always say to people that I see through a thousand dots now, and the dots mean something as I've discovered Braille. Words are vitally important to a visually impaired person as they describe what we see, and as Braille is a tactile language it helps people with low vision to read and communicate.

The ultimate aim of my art is to highlight the importance of Braille to visually impaired people, and therefore to society in general." 

In this, his first exhibition Cove Gallery, Clarke has created seven bespoke pieces that link in with the history of Weymouth. With a naval and maritime heritage one of the pieces is called , and describes the shipwreck off Portland in 1805 of the merchant ship Earl of Abergavenny, captained by John Wordsworth, the brother of the great English poet William Wordsworth.

To meet Clarke Reynolds and hear him talk about his work, come to his exhibition launch at the Nothe Fort on 28 May 2021. To reserve your place please call the gallery on 01305 767025 or book online here

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