Fabulous collections of original paintings and limited edition prints,

as well as handmade glass, ceramics and bronze sculptures

from a host of outstanding British artists and makers.

Debra Sweeney

Painting from a beach hut on Portland Bill,

Debra captures the local scenes

in a series of incredible Mixed Media paintings.

Fen D'Lucie

Using the ancient lost wax method of bronze casting,

Fen initially creates her sculptures in wax

to produce a range of stunning

one-off and limited edition pieces.




Mike Ibbotson

Ibbotson's work is graphically strong with a distinctive use of colour and a loose, fresh, effortless feel. He adopts a spontaneous, rapid workflow where accidents form part of the creative process, where the paint is allowed to have life.

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Debra Sweeney

Painting from her beach hut on Portland, Debra Sweeney's new collection showcases the Island in a series of breath-taking mixed media paintings.

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Glass Makers


David Brown

Hugely experienced and world renowned ceramicist, his exquisite creations are influenced by a long-term interest in the sea, coastal rocks, erosions, fossils shells and corals.

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Bronze and Sculptors