Fabulous collections of original paintings and limited edition prints,

as well as handmade glass, ceramics and bronze sculptures

from a host of outstanding British artists and makers.

Fen D'Lucie

Using the ancient lost wax method of bronze casting,

Fen initially creates her sculptures in wax

to produce a range of stunning

one-off and limited edition pieces.


John Connolly

We are Thrilled to announce

that we will be hosting a Solo exhibition showcasing

John Connolly's exquisite coastal and woodland scenes



Puffin Love

Our renowned wildlife artist Sam Dodd captures the affection amongst the puffins in a series of original acrylic paintings.

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John Connolly

We invite you to celebrate the work of one of our best-selling artists, John Connolly.

In his first solo exhibition for
Cove, John showcases his deep affinity with British seascapes and landscapes,
basing his latest works on the Dorset and Cornwall coastline, along with several signature woodland scenes, this new
collection highlights John’s unique ability to translate breathtaking views
onto canvas, creating undeniably timeless artworks.

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Glass Makers


David Brown

Hugely experienced and world renowned ceramicist, his exquisite creations are influenced by a long-term interest in the sea, coastal rocks, erosions, fossils shells and corals.

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Bronze and Sculptors