David Brown

Born in Derbyshire and now living in the ancient village of Merriott in south west Somerset, David is hugely experienced ceramicist, producing a wide range of vessel forms including bowls and vases in matt and textured glazes.

His work is influenced by a long-term interest in the sea, costal rocks, erosion, fossils, shells and coral. Colour and texture are vitally important in making David’s own personal interpretations of the amazing natural world, and many of his pieces have textural or pierced rims, and some have melted glass pools in the base.

In making his work, David employs a whole range of techniques, including throwing, turning and altering, pressing, slabbing and coil building. He also impresses, pierces or applies clay, and sometimes adds other materials into his hand-crafted pieces, such as sand, grit, pieces of fired ceramic or glass.

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