Julie Ann Scott

“Life is fast and fierce. Sadly, a lot of very pure moments of what I call 'soul visions' are lost in the rush. My paintings capture these secret hidden beauties that seem to drain away almost as soon as we see them. Like when we are driving along and we see a sudden fabulous view that is breathtaking, but then the moment has passed. I’m inspired by not only capturing them but inventing them too. Using my imagination, I create my own ‘soul visions’, and inspire others to remember theirs.” Julie Ann Scott

Julie Ann’s acclaimed oil paintings stun with their examination of light breaking through into unexpected moments of joy and hope. Whether swirling underwater scenes, breathtaking landscapes, seascapes, florals, nebula or koi carp, they all capture those tiny, fleeting moments in their vibrancy and mood.

Julie Ann grew up in the North of England. After leaving school, she set off to see the world and spent an eventful and adventurous few years abroad. After working as a catwalk model in Israel, touring as an actress in California, and travelling around much of Eastern Europe she returned to England and settled. Having excelled in art at school, she began to paint once more, and set up her own studio where she started to experiment and create her dazzling oils. Julie Ann then spent 20 years living in the English Lake District before moving to Dorset on the south coast of England in 2018, where she now lives.

Her work was exhibited to great acclaim across the UK and was distributed by De Montfort Fine Art, one of the country's largest art sellers for over 10 years.
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