Krystyna Sargent

Krystyna Sargent has been creating studio ceramics since graduating from De Montfort University, Leicester in 1984 and setting up her own studio.

“The narrative of my work is of timelessness – just as ancient civilizations have always been judged on the sophistication of their pottery. Each piece of my work is designed to create the essence of a weathered survivor from an ancient era that perhaps could have been dug from an archaeological site, telling its story, whilst marrying cultural influences such as the Renaissance in Venice, Celtic mythology and ancient Japanese philosophy”.

Krystyna relocated to Dorset in 2020 ago and is hugely inspired by the Jurassic Coastline, which has immediately made its way into her newest work.

“I try to create the feeling of timelessness and spontaneity that comes from the subconscious as I tend to work very quickly”.

Recently Krystyna had the honour of two of her largest dishes being featured in chef Tom Kerridge’s book Tom’s Table, which used only dishes made by artisans throughout the book.

“I was told that for this project “the food is king”, and indeed Tom’s culinary creations very much enhanced my sculptural dishes perfectly.”

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