Angela Goodman

Angela Goodman is an artist and writer whose paintings and prints have been widely sold throughout the South West and in London.

Angela works in a variety of paint media and since moving to Dorset her work has moved out from the studio and into plein air, where she is especially drawn to coastal locations.

Commissions in oils and acrylics include portraits, landscapes and providing art for Wetherspoons, in addition to illustrations for three children's books. She has also established, coordinated and curated exhibitions and an art trail.

Angela feels that visual art is its own language and should speak for itself. Each piece of work goes the way it goes because that seems at the time to be the best way of working it. Angela says that she makes art because she is driven to make it.

“My work speaks for itself. It comes from a strong identification with, and feeling for the contours and colours of the English landscape and specifically the Dorset hills, cliffs and coast."

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