Medium Raku Bud Vase #3

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Hand-thrown bud vase fired in a Raku fire. 

 Height 10 cm x 7 cm Diameter

Raku is a japonese technique in which the piece is fired to 1000 degrees in about an hour and while still red hot it is submerged in a quick combustible such as sawdust. The lack of oxygen and the smoke reacts to the still melting glaze and produces a variety of special results, often with tones of metallic due to the reduction. The glaze applied to this particular vase contains a high amount of copper leaving this beautiful turquoise rainbow like effect. Any parts of the pot that aren't glazed becomes pitch black due to the smoke.

The entire process takes approximately one to two hours, which is a very quick fire when compared to electric, gas or wood kiln fires that can take from 12 to 36 hours but despite its almost immediate result, it takes mastery and control as the pot can completely shatter if not careful.

Raku fired pots are NOT food safe due to the nature of the fire and glazes. 

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