Bowleaze Cove (after Constable)

Bowleaze Cove (after Constable)

David Hunt

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Original Oil on Canvas Board.

Unframed (framing options available on request).

10x 8 inches

Artist's comment:

I made this painting after a painting of the same name by John Constable. The landscape was quite different back then in 1816, without jetty or rooftop. And as I walked up and down the cove trying to find the approximate location that Constable would have stood whilst making his studies of the scene, I became impressed by the huge boulders strewn across the beach, which might not have been on the beach, but still a part of the cliffs overlooking the cove. The scene I have depicted is further up and back from Constables viewpoint, where there is less sand and more rocks. As I painted each rock I wondered, did Constable stand on this rock? I am currently working on a larger version of this scene, but much closer to the actual place of Constables scene.