Bowleaze Cove toward Isle of Portland

Bowleaze Cove toward Isle of Portland

David Hunt

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Original Watercolour and Oil on Paper (425 gsm)

Unframed (framing options available on request).

10x14 inches

Artist's comment:

Even before the sun breaks above the horizon, the sea as a calming undercurrent of the day to come makes for that peace which we all yearn. Watercolour has a marvellous transparency which lends itself to that iridescent glow of the early morning light, and then with a fine finish with the plasticity of oil colour the clouds take on an air of displacement, breaking the translucence of the sky with the thicker form of the low lying cloud formations. It is an unusual combination and quite a trick to make this combo work. Each process sealed between thin layers of beeswax varnish unify the surface, while retaining the surface tension between water and oil.