Clarke Reynolds Exhibition and Talk - Nothe Fort 28 May 2021

Clarke Reynolds is a Portsmouth-based artist who is registered as severely sighted, and who is also a visual artist focussing on the of Braille as an artistic media.

In this exhibition and talk, Clarke introduces seven new Braille artworks from his Cove Gallery collection that tell stories of the history of Weymouth.

One of Clarke’s pieces re-imagines in braille a poem by William Wordsworth lamenting the death of his brother on Earl of Abergavenny, a merchant ship that sank near Weymouth in 1805.

Also contributing to the talk is renowned local historian David Carter, whose unsurpassed knowledge of the Earl of Abergavenny shipwreck will add context and drama to Clarke’s artwork.

Cove Gallery is delighted to be holding this event at Nothe Fort, the winner of the 2021 Best Small Visitor Attraction’ at the South West Tourism Awards.

Of his approach to creating his art, Clarke says:

 “Words are hugely important as they are the means to describe what a visually impaired person can see. And Braille is a tactile language that helps people with low vision to read. I have taken a tactile language and made it visual using tiny dots, and exploring through colour, size and shape to make Braille more accessible for people who can see. I have created my own colour coded Braille system where I looked at letters that appear in words – for instance ER, ING and ST – and using my knowledge of colour complementarity and shades I devised a selection to denote each letter of the Braille alphabet”.

Over the past two years Clarke has been exploring Braille as a visual artform, having six online exhibitions (two international), two community art projects, an arts trail in Portsmouth and a Braille bench in Southampton city centre. He’s has five exhibitions planned for 2021, including his first solo Braille exhibition at Yellow Edge Gallery, Gosport in June.


To book onto the event please phone the gallery on 01305 767025, or book online here

To find out more about Clarke, his work and inspiration to create this new collection, go to his blog page here.