Cyclamen Pendant by Photofinish Jewellery

Cyclamen Pendant by Photofinish Jewellery

Photofinish Jewellery

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Handmade aluminium jewellery.  

Materials used:

  • 0.7mm recycled anodised aluminium
  • Sterling silver chains and ear wires

Statement on the creative process by Photofinish jewellery-maker David Hitchcock:

"After finding a good subject to photograph I'll take some hi-resolution photographs from various angles to capture it. The photographic image is then transposed onto anodised aluminium using a digital printer with specialist inks. The next step is to expose the metal to heat and humidity to seal the inks under the surface. This provides a pleasing and durable finish which, with care, will last a lifetime. Each piece is then cut out, shaped and finished by hand."